You don’t have to wait until October 1st to show your appreciation for someone. You can fill out the form below and share it with others through Facebook, Twitter or posting just to Each person apprecaited will receive an email of appreciation from you with your message and our blue smiley.

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Recent Appreciations

  • Sher B.

    Sher B. > Russell C.

    I appreciate your positive approach to life.

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  • Sher B.

    Sher B. > Kathryn S.

    I appreciate your smile when I see you for meetings.

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  • Kathryn S.

    Kathryn S. > Russell C.

    I appreciate you for being you and for all you do for other.

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  • David R.

    David R. > D G.


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  • Sher B.

    Sher B. > Laurence B.

    I appreciate how you make me coffee every morning without fail...You are the best!

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  • fritz p.

    fritz p. > Blair L.

    I truly appreciate the time you have spent with me, supporting and guiding me on my life's journey

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  • Mike E.

    Mike E. > Steve R.

    That is one awesome job!

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