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Appreciation Society Quote of the Day – June 17

Appreciation Society - "No man is a failure who enjoys life." - William Feather

National Eat Your Vegetables Day

Appreciation Society National Eat Your Vegetables Day - June 17
Today you can compensate if you ate fudge yesterday. We all know veggies are good for us! Fire up the barbecue and grill your vegetables today. This summer, try a new veggie or make a veggie kebab!


Appreciation Society - "There is no excellency without difficulty." - Ovid
Appreciation Society - "Example is contagious behavior." - Charles Reade
Appreciation Society - "Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead." ...
Appreciation Society - "The guy who wrote "A job well done never needs ...
Appreciation Society - "Make it a new day, everyday." - R. Cleveland
Appreciation Society - "A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds." - Francis Bacon
Appreciation Society - "A wise man will make more opportunities than he ...

Upcoming Days To Celebrate


National Making Life Beautiful Day

Make life beautiful for someone today. Beauty is both external and ...

National Garfield Day

Eat lasagna, be lazy, or test out your artistic skills by drawing Garfield. ...
Appreciation Society Ice Cream Soda Day - June 20

Ice Cream Soda Day

Ice cream soda can be made with root beer or any type of soda. Have a party ...
Appreciation Society National Yoga Day - June 21

International Yoga Day

The holistic benefits of yoga are well recognized the world over, which is ...
Appreciation Society National Onion Ring Day - June 22

National Onion Ring Day

Onion rings come individually or in stacks, blocks, straws and blooms. Eat ...
Appreciation Society National Pink Day - June 23

National Pink Day

Surely you have some item of pink clothing to wear today. Embrace your ...

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